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How does the Propel D1 differ from the competition?

The D1 is different in many ways, but key is that the chassis holds all key components and installations are simpler and safer.

The Propel D1 electric inboard motors are the perfect option for those who want to enjoy the peace and quiet of being on the water, making it a good choice if you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and relax while enjoying nature aboard your boat.

These motors are designed by marine engineers who understand how to help boat owners get the most out of their boats, with performance, ease-of-use, durability, and reliability in mind. Here is an overview of how our motor differs from the competition:


The Propel D1 electric motor was designed as an easy-to-install option for those who want a powerful, maintenance-free inboard or outboard motor. We chose for a crate-engine solution so that you can enjoy getting on the water quickly while reducing installation costs.

This means that our chassis houses all important functions including the controllers required to turn DC to AC, the cooling system, and even 12 VDC out to power your house- or service battery. There is no need to install and wire these yourself, making installations easier and safer.

This approach is a good one because it's simple, fast and 'clean'. Our motor is designed for simplicity and reliability. Our design goals were to make a unit that would be easy to install, maintain and repair so that you can enjoy boating in your leisure time rather than working on your boat.

Axial Flux motors

Propel electric inboard motors use Axial Flux electric motors that provide a high degree of efficiency and torque. We develop the electric motors and controllers in-house and have extensive experience with both.

Axial Flux motors are known for their high torque density and are quite a bit more advanced than standard industry motors. The higher torque is welcome when replacing old diesel engines. All Propel D1 motors are direct drive and do not have a gearbox, this allows for greater efficiency, a simpler setup and less noise.

Simple & Robust

Each Propel motor is designed and built to our demanding standards for performance, safety, durability, and ease of use. It's built like a tank. It’s also easy to install, with no special tools required.

The motor will, however, need servicing over time. We believe in the concept of simple & robust engineering and see repairability as a key part of sustainability.

To get up and running quickly after an issue, the D1 is designed in such a way that parts are interchangeable. Local marine dealers will be able to fix it with ease by following easy-to-follow instructions.


The Propel D1 inboard motors are a powerful and quiet energy source that helps to keep costs low. The D1's maintenance-free nature also makes it more convenient than traditional gas- and diesel alternatives.

Our mission is to provide a cost-efficient solution for boaters that want to reduce their environmental impact and enjoy the water. The D1 is designed with simplicity, reliability and ease of use in mind.

The D1 is designed to be an affordable solution that offers a low-cost of ownership and a high performance level. It’s perfect for the budget conscious captain that wish to reduce their environmental impact and enjoy the water, and who is looking for ease of use, reliability and longevity.


We believe that the best products are simple enough for everyone to use, not just experts or professionals. That's why we have designed our remote controller. A simple display tells you all you need to enjoy a day in peace on the water.


Try now! The Propel D1 has been designed with an emphasis on quality, durability and reliability—making it the perfect choice for your next boat motor. The D1 is available in a range of sizes and power outputs that suit any vessel.

Read more on www.propel.me/d1, visit one of our dealers https://propel.me/stores or book a test drive.