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Is there any way I can convert my old boat into an electric boat?

Yes! It is not too difficult too.

If you have an old outboard motor on your boat, than it as simple as within the motors over and install a battery. A new Propel S1 electric outboard can be fairly easily installed. However, if you want to sail at higher speeds or for longer times, you'll probably require a larger battery, which will become more costly and the installation can be a bit more complex.

A Propel D1 inboard motor can be used instead of traditional diesel engines for boats with inboard propulsion systems. The D1 inboard is designed in such way that an engine swap requires minimum effort. The mounts are flexible and will likely fit the current motor foundation. Typically the CV joint and drive shaft can be reused. Re-connect the cooling system, batteries and throttle and you are good to go.

For more information it is always best to contact your local dealer.

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