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What different D1 models and variants are available?

At launch, only a 10 kW with water cooling.

The launch edition of the Propel D1 does not have all the features yet, as can be seen on our website. The first series of motors will be available with a side mount remote control throttle only and feature an advanced and sunlight readable 5" WVGA capacitive touchscreen (IP66) and stainless-steel throttle lever.

Early 2023 Propel will launch their D1 with either a side- or a top mount remote controller. Both feature the same specifications.


Since the system is designed as a 'crate solution' to easily replace diesel motors, the launch edition of the D1 has one cooling option; a raw water system. So normally, you can re-use the infrastructure already in place and simply reconnect the raw water hoses.

The main motor and controller cooling system, however, is a closed-loop glycol-based system. Heat is exchanged via a stainless-steel heat exchanger with a self priming pump.