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Where is Propel available?

Propel launches in Europe first, then other markets will follow.

Propel is a young brand. From the launch in 2022, the products will initially be (pre-) sold in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg (Benelux) and Germany. Over time, they will gradually become available to more European markets.

Stores overview

For an overview of Propel brand stores and dealers, please go to our store overview page.

Stay informed

If you are keen to purchase one of our units from outside these markets, then we suggest subscribing to our newsletter via the home page. Via this newsletter, we will keep our followers informed.

Note to distributors

Propel is actively seeking for distribution partners in Europe and North-America. If you are a distributor in the marine industry and interested in partnering, then please do not hesitate to contact us. Please use the contact form.