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Why should I go electric?

There are plenty of reasons to switch to an electric motor. For yourself, your guest or the environment.

For yourself — An electric drive provides peace of mind on board. You enjoy the natural sound of the water and the other people, without any distractions. It's easy to use, and your display shows you exactly how much time is left. And: With your electric boat, you're still able to go anywhere.

For your guests or friends — You can have a proper conversation without the need to raise your voice to overcome the engine noise. Your guests will also enjoy the smoke-less experience.

For nature — Your silence is also an act of kindness. With an electric motor, you will not disturb the animals and fish around you—and often you will be able to enjoy their accompany for longer.

For the environment — We know that greenhouse gases must be drastically reduced to save the climate. Going electric is the best solution to reduce emissions and increase air quality.

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